I am retired so I’m not trying to make a living from these presentations. I love doing them. However, I do have some inherent costs to consider.  As a staunch believer in the value of studying history I would not want anyone, who is interested, to miss the opportunity to learn more for economic reasons.   Therefore, I do not charge a fee for my one hour presentations.   All organizations have their own budgets to consider so I ask that, if possible, they tender a gratuity that fits their means or, as an option, “Pass the Hat” during the presentation.

All day events;   I will gladly discuss your event and what you expect and then quote you a fee for the day.

Travel;  Since travel to and from out-of-the-area events, is a direct expense for me I do charge for the mileage.  I am located in central Pennsylvania and charge $.40 a round trip mile to events over 25 miles from my base.