Firing Cannons

The cannon presentation begins with a brief history of black powder which, for centuries, was the propellant used.    This is followed by a general history of naval cannons up through the late 18th century.   I use a 1/2 scale replica cannon, called a carronade, to demonstrate the loading and firing of a navel gun of the period.  A very loud blank load is fired.

This is followed by an historical background on the Coehorn mortar which was in use for several centuries.   I use a 1/2 scale replica of a mortar used by both sides in the American Civil War for this demonstration.   For visual effect a tennis ball is fired from the mortar.  The total time is approximately one hour.

For day-long events, I perform the demonstrations  several times throughout the day (Usually three) and post the times at my location so visitors know when they are to occur.  Between times I am available to talk with, and answer peoples questions.

For obvious reasons a firing presentation can only be held outdoors in a safe location. An area the size of a soccer or ball field is sufficient for the purpose.  If no such location is available, I can do a non-firing presentation, indoors or out.  As with the drum presentation, adults and children down to the older elementary grades can enjoy and learn from it.